Friday, December 27, 2002

Up & Coming Magazine -- Without Candidate Al Gore, Americans Face Dark Times

Years after Bush is gone, we'll be paying off the debts he ran up and the lawsuits brought by those whose rights he violated. Opposing Bush isn't a question of partisan politics. Patriotic people of all political stripes, including lifelong Republicans and war veterans, increasingly understand that this administration's antidemocratic, unconstitutional tactics, thinly disguised as part of a fake "war on terrorism" that has yet to catch a single planner of 9/11, are a cover for dangerous, dictatorial impulses.

As Gore told 60 Minutes host Leslie Stahl, whoever the Dems pick to take on Bush will glikely enjoy the benefit of Bush's dismal handling of the economy. "I think that the policies they're committed to do not work," Gore said.

The 2004 Democratic nominee, whoever he is, may win the presidency. But no Democrat will enjoy the loyalty of those angered by what happened to Gore as much as the man many regard as our President-in-Exile. And no candidate but Gore can give us hope during the dark year about to begin.

Like Europe landing a man on Mars by 2025, Gore running in 2004 ain't going to happen.

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