Tuesday, December 31, 2002

The Real War -

Gunman Kills 3 U.S. Missionaries At Yemen Hospital (washingtonpost.com)

CNN -- FBI Seeks 5 New Illegals with Ties to Terrorists

The Wrong War with Iraq

Pentagon building up forces in Persian Gulf FT Wayne News-Sentinel

In addition to Rumsfeld's latest decisions, another 50,000 Marines at Camp Pendleton, Calif., are expected to be sent to the region in coming weeks, but so far have received no deployment orders, officials said.

And the Wrong War on American Liberty

About Civil Liberty - Liberty takes a hit in 2002

It was impossible that the terrorist attacks of 2001 would leave the United States unchanged. Unfortunately, the changes sought my too many government officials have involved abandoning the country's commitment to individual liberty, and adopting the authoritarianism traditionally favored by America's opponents.

Whether those officials will prevail is uncertain. But at the close of 2002, champions of personal freedom are reduced to fighting a rearguard action to minimize the damage done to constitutional and traditional protections for liberty and due process.

Why have Libertarians Not Been Showing More Outrage over the Loss of Liberty? Is it because most support tax cuts no matter what kind? Are self-proclaimed libertarians more interested in money in their pocket than liberty? When did Democrats become the only fiscally responsive political party?

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