Tuesday, December 24, 2002


Sen. Joseph Lieberman, a potential presidential candidate in 2004, endorsed a Palestinian state during a visit to Israel and deplored "desperate" living conditions in the West Bank.

Tallahassee Democrat -- Graham eyeing White House

Sen. Bob Graham, a leading Democratic voice on the war on terrorism, said Monday he is seriously considering a race for the White House in 2004, citing dissatisfaction with President Bush's leadership on the economy and the military.

Sen. Joseph Lieberman, meanwhile, said Monday during a trip to Ramallah in the West Bank that he "probably will" run for president, forming what will likely become a crowded field for the Democratic nomination in two years.

West Texas Midland Reporter Telegram -- Surviving Great Depression helps put life in proper perspective

-- I keep thinking there's a political unknown, at least on the national level, who could emerge as a surprise candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination.

-- I just can't imagine who it would be.

Is he imagining Dean?

-- You know the honeymood is pretty much over when you start going out with the boys on Wednesday nights, and so does she.

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