Friday, December 27, 2002 -- "Hugo Chavez and Venezuela's poor versus everybody else"

Of the recent articles published by the New York Times about the situation in Venezuela, one has to read several articles to even find a one sentence mention of the pro-Chavez movement, let alone an entire article about them. Moreover, these people, their movement, and what they represent are half the story, yet are given only 1 percent of the coverage.

Chavez is continually called a dictator or a communist or a leftist: anything to conjure up some good ol' Cold War imagery, or of the Iron Curtain and Marxism, though no one really knows what being a Marxist means. People just know it's bad.

By all reasonable accounts, the National Endowment for Democracy (NED) had more than an oblique and unintentional role in the proceedings in Venezuela in April.

Just before the April coup, NED had funded a conference where many of the opposition leaders, and ultimate coup organizers, were set to meet, including hand-picked, two-day dictator Pedro Carmona, president of the business group Fedecamaras, who was to speak at the event.

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