Saturday, November 01, 2008

Bob Perry trying to buy another election

Since Bob Perry got involved in elections in Texas he has spent many millions of dollars and has got a sweet deal for his Perry Homes and other builders. This election is no different with him. So far he has given almost three million dollars this election to buy more legislators to keep the Texas Residential Construction Commission toothless in producting home buyers. Bob Perry created this commission after spreading so many millions around he essentially bought the legislature. Bob Perry is no family values Republican as was revealed in his son's divorce proceedings this year.

What has Perry's Commission accomplished? From the Texas Observer:
The Sunset Commission staff sums up the TRCC in its report: “Current regulation of the residential construction industry is fundamentally flawed and does more harm than good.”

No need to read the entire 75 pages. You’ll get the gist of just how rotten the agency is from the two-page summary at the beginning of the report - PDF.

In 2005, the Observer wrote about the homebuilding industry’s lavish donations to the Republican Party — more than $8.9 million to candidates and political action committees. Bob Perry, head of Perry Homes, the top contributor of them all, gave more than $6.9 million from 2001 to 2005. In 2007, the Observer reported that the TRCC couldn’t enforce its own permitting decisions — builders who had lost their permits were still openly working.

The TRCC, stacked with home-builders and builder-friendly appointees, forces homeowners to wait for months for relief that most often never comes. Homeowners must file a complaint with the agency. They also have to complete the agency’s “dispute resolution process” before they can get on with their lives and file a lawsuit or go to arbitration.

When the TRCC does rule in favor of a consumer, it has no power to compel a home-builder to repair the damages.
Elect Sherrie Matula and get rid of one of Perry's cronys and show Bob he can't buy another election.

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Anonymous said...

The biggest mistake I ever made was thinking I was doing my due diligence using the BBB in Houston to find a reputable builder. I used one they rated well and ended up with a nightmare. (Had my own inspections, the whole nine yards but even that was not enough. The experience with the builder and the BBB was nothing less them a total nightmare packed with lies)
My go rounds with TRCC was a waste of time. All I reecieved from them was a letter saying we found our builder did nothing wrong. This after submitting a comprehensive report from a certified home inspector showing code violation, defects etc. What else can you say? One wonders why state laws are not passed instead of a pseudo-commission to protect homebuyers. By the way, the nonsense that goes on dealing with this commission does cross party lines. The Democrats who received large contributions from builders or Perry himself all of a sudden support the continuation of TRCC. One state rep. herself was a victim of a contractor. That contractor is in jail only becuase of the status of the victim. The rest of us have been taken for the ride of our lives and nothing has been done. Shame of elected officals who support this sham called TRCC. Pass consumer protection laws and hold builders accountable for bad work. By the way why do you think there was so much roof damage in new subdivisons. Shoddy work!
As far as Sherrie Matula, I have walked my feet off for her and can only hope we get more honest people of her caliber running for office.