Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Vote Today in Harris County

Find your voting location.

What to Bring — Any one of these will allow you to vote in Texas:

Your Voter Registration Card OR
The pink copy you kept from your voter registration application OR
Personal Identification (driver’s license, government ID, bank statement or utility bill or pay stub or check.)

Bring them.

Do not bring any campaign material including caps, t-shirts and buttons, within 100 feet of the entrance to the polling location. You can electioneer all you want outside that distance.

Bring friends. Go to a local campaign office and call up some new friends. There are many very close races for local offices.

When voting, one easy choice is to just hit the D and then review your ballot. Ask for help from a judge or clerk if you need it.

Harris County sample ballot - you won't have all the state representatives and senators but you will have most of the judges. Remember the D is your friend. Unlike some years I don't see any fools running with a D after their name this time.

Here are all the state candidates in Texas.

We have a Texas statewide League of Womens Voters Guide and the local Harris County guide - PDF.

Here are all the local 2008 Democratic candidates.

Check you voter registration here. This also shows you where you must vote today.

Need a ride to the polls? Call your local party office. Vote NOW Houston is also providing free Yellow Cab rides to the voters that will take them to the polls and return them to their point of origin.

Party after the vote.

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