Saturday, November 01, 2008

Harris County Early Voting info and links

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EARLY VOTING IS OVER. Prepare for regular voting Tuesday.

Harris County Early Voting Locations and times.

Here is a great map of the locations.

What to Bring — Any one of these will allow you to vote in Texas:

Your Voter Registration Card OR
The pink copy you kept from your voter registration application OR
Personal Identification (driver’s license, government ID, bank statement or utility bill or pay stub or check.)

On early voting you can vote anywhere in Harris County, if you live anywhere from Pasadena to Baytown to La Porte to Clear Lake to Katy to Humble or Houston and anywhere else in the county, any early voting location is good. On election day it will be more crowded and you must vote in your precinct.

When voting I say one easy choice is to just hit the D and then review your ballot.

Harris County sample ballot - you won't have all the state representatives and senators but you will have most of the judges. Remember the D is your friend. Unlike some years I don't see any fools running with a D after their name this time.

Here are all the state candidates in Texas.

Volunteer to work the polls for the public or your candidate or your party. Elections don't work without you. It is much better to be a poll worker than a poll watcher.

Democratic Harris County offices - you can pick up that sign you want or work the phones. This office still has Obama caps.

Right now we have a Texas statewide League of Womens Voters Guide and the local Harris County guide - PDF is also just released.

Here are all the local 2008 Democratic candidates.

Check you voter registration here.

Need a ride to the polls? Call your local party office. Vote NOW Houston is also providing free Yellow Cab rides to the voters that will take them to the polls and return them to their point of origin.

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Anonymous said...

It's great that you're giving people the heads up about voting early. But, you may want to consider that there are more options than Republican or Democrat. Even when deciding to vote against a particular party, as you seem to do, there is more than one simple choice. We've forgotten, I think, what actual democracy is in America. And, I think we've forgotten that we have more than two parties.

Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting! I hope you don't make the mistake that I'm liberal, though, because I believe in gay marriage. I'm just more liberal in some areas than my neighbors! ;)

Gary said...

I visited network geek's interesting blog.

Consider that in Texas the Green and Libertarian parties have no real chance of winning significant elections and serve purely as a protest vote against the two main parties. I urge members of both minor parties and Independents to pick a main party and work to change the rules if you don't like that simple fact.