Thursday, November 23, 2006

Biggest Turkey this Thanksgiving?

Robert Kaplan lying about why he advocated going into Iraq. Some people can still remember or find your articles urging the war.

Or the Washington Post's conservative slanted reporter VandeHei turning down a huge raise at the Post to go with a new small circulation DC newspaper/website on Washington and politics. At least they also gave him a huge raise for an iffy venture. I am not the only one seeing overwhelming ego and hubris in this: “I think we’ll show that we’re better than The New York Times or The Washington Post,” Mr. VandeHei said.

Or the New RNC Chairman Martinez condemning Vietnam for holding terrorist suspects without charges while praising Bush for doing the same thing.

Also from Atrios, Lawrence Kaplan making up polls to support his argument. TNR has been wallowing in the mud for years and is now sinking into a quagmire of it's own.

Since I hold the biggest turkey has to show the greatest stupidity and have the biggest ego I am going with VandeHei by a gobble.

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