Friday, November 17, 2006

Evidence 2006 Congressional Elections Hacked

The original raw exit poll data matches the expected Republican and Democratic breakdown and the 2004 Presidential election results, it has to be biased in the GOP's favor by 4% to match vote results. The margin of error of the exit polls, revamped and improved from the 2004 election is 1%. The speculation is software was adjusted in early October to get a small margin of victory and did not take the continued Democratic surge into account. More detailed explanation here.

There is no smoking gun evidence, for that someone involved or some physical evidence is needed or the mechanism identified, but this election is claimed to be another case of results too biased and anomalous in one direction to be true. This rigging of the results would have to be done someone working for one or more electronic voting machine companies or people working in several department of elections. A more detailed analysis is needed with a closer look at specific elections and specific machines or central tabulating software. Bradblog has more. This has been reported on Raw Story as well as OpEd News.

In the one case we know of machine error - Jeb Bush appointed a partisan hack to head the investigation of the 18,000 missing votes in Sarasota county. That is headed for trials and audits despite some current Florida delaying tactics.
The computer programmer chosen by the state of Florida to lead the audit is Alec Yasinsac, a computer scientist at Florida State University. In 2000, Yasinsac stood on the steps of the Florida Supreme Court wearing a T-shirt reading "Bush Won," and told a local paper that ''I'll never be a passive political participant again.'' He made good on that, working on Republican Tom Gallagher's failed bid for governor this year.

As if that wasn't enough, he's also an ardent advocate for the accuracy of electronic voting machines -- which he'll be auditing for accuracy.
How to ensure an accurate election one proposal - mandatory open election night 10% recounts in every precinct. I think there could be problems with this.

Someone with a metal cat knew this would happen.

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