Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Tension, Apprehension and Dissension have begun

Tenser, said the Tensor.
Tenser, said the Tensor.
Tension, apprehension,
And dissension have begun.

from Alfred Bester's The Demolished Man
The Democrats get control of Congress and before they even take office there is an intraparty war between the inside the beltway and those outside, those formerly in power and the new ones gaining influence, those who want to claim credit and those discrediting others, between the net-roots and the big campaign consultants, and, of course, those positioning themselves among different candidates for 08.

Only the fact that the GOP seems more fractured with major elements of the base in active revolt against the President is helping the Democrats. The right blog communities are snarling at the choice of Sen. Martinez, a Cubano, to be the new RNC chair. Only a continued series of bones being thrown to social conservatives, like the renomination of conservative judges, is keeping open public repudiation of the President to a minimum. So far Bush has talked bipartisanship and has done nothing but partisan actions which is encouraging to the base of the GOP but is setting up battle with Democrats in control of Congress next year.

Democratic consultant James Carville has declared war on DNC chair Dr. Howard Dean saying Democrats would have captured 50 seats except for him. 50 seats when they won 30. Most of this year was dominated by talk that 10 might be the maximum because of the way parties draw districts to choose voters. Carville has links to the Clinton campaign and taking down Dean as an alternate source of leadership is either an assignment or a personal preference. Of course, he himself is being attacked for leaking to the White House Kerry's recount strategy in Ohio.

Rahm Emanuel is racing around to media figures trying to take critic for all the gains of the Democrats, overlooking some very bad decisions on his part in terms of candidates supported and where the money went.

A war has broken out about Murtha's seeking the House leadership post with stories being leaked to the press about his problems with ethics reforms. The GOP and their right media are gleefully piling on to tear down one of the most effective anti-war critics. The other candidate with a somewhat better ethics profile is also keeping this story boiling.

All of this dissension is keeping serious problems that America should be discussing over water coolers off the headlines and front pages. Electronic voting machines had so many problems it looks like about a half dozen elections may go to court. Israelis and hard liners in the United States continue to set the stage for a preemptive attack on Iran, despite the very strong indications that if that occurs Iran will strike back. The economy is headed for a recession next year with the housing boom over and the major US automakers flirting with bankruptcy. Even the good news of the major popular programs the Democrats are expected to quickly pass after the dismal record of this do nothing Congress aren't reaching average citizens yet.

Some solutions for the Democrats - someone tell Carville to shut up. The problem is the major enforcer for this type of discipline, Sen. Schumer, would also like Dean taken down a few pegs. Murtha should withdraw and be happy with a major chairmanship of his favorite committee. Hoyer should play nice with Pelosi and Murtha while Emanuel should quit pretending he is Chuck Norris. Dean, Pelosi and Reid should start major charm offenses on the Sunday shows. Tim Russert was even blaming them for not appearing on Meet The Press last Sunday which gave him an excuse to only have pro-war non-Dems. All other Democrats should smile, kiss up, and keep the back stabbing out of sight.

In 2008 related news it looks like Edwards needs some organization in Nevada and New Hampshire to be the anti-Hillary candidate. Maybe Progressives can take a Holiday break and start working next year for that.

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