Sunday, November 26, 2006

FEAR! and conservative principles

I read a lot of idiots to get a well-rounded view of what is happening. Some of the more idiotic are Michelle Malkin and some of her dittohead followers. Her latest crusade gives her more chances to smear Ruth Ginsberg, The New York Times, Islam, and those who don't support our supposedly great war against the barbaric Arab horde. As her followers themselves admit, they are close to foaming at the mouth about The New York Times. When they actually start foaming can we have them put down?

The government is trying to expand its power to track down leakers by acquiring the right to get phone records of reporters. The judicial vehicle in this case is an investigation into who leaked info about what actions the federal government was going to take against Islamic charities in the United States.

“If the government is permitted to proceed to scrutinize the telephone records of The New York Times and its journalists it will be in a position to identify literally scores of confidential sources, thus imperiling both the ability of the press to gather the news and of the public to learn it.” - Floyd Abrams, a lawyer for The Times.

Michelle Malkin and her backstage husband, "I can't be a racist because I'm a minority" are fanning the anti-New York Times and the anti-Islam flames on this case by attempting to make this a national security issue in a time of war. For more on the unhinged unhonest Michelle Malkin see the Orcinus 6-part series.

This is the usual hyperbole from the usual shortsighted right-wing nuts. If there was a liberal President in power they would be fighting tooth and nail to keep this subpoena power out of her hands. This is such a great idea - letting those in power get the phone records of critical reporters. NOT.

9/11 and the continued FEAR! campaigns of this administration and the former Republican majority, aided and abetted by the So-Called Liberal Media and fanned by the Right-Wing Noise Machine have recreated the conservative paranoia of the 60's with the hysterical foaming at the mouth supposed patriots.

Conservatives at one time were against big powerful government, wanted to limit executive and judicial power. I think this just shows what a continued campaign of FEAR! does.

This has been a liberal rant, you may now return to our unbiased news coverage. This has also been an example of the type of ad hominem attacks the conservative sites dish out daily. Did you think that except for parody I would really advocate even these misguided souls be put down as mad dogs?

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