Monday, November 27, 2006

The Left Won Big and IS taking Back the US and the planet

Some cheerleading from Rob Kall:
Watch your local daily newspaper-- probably owned by a wealthy REpug family or part of a megacorporate syndicate-- start spewing the same garbage-- that local Democrats won by acting like Republicans, so that really, it was a win for conservatism.

But don't buy it, and don't put up with it. Call them on it. Send letters to the editor, call in to complain. Let them know you know. And keep the positive talk up between your local grassroots networks.

The Left won massively. The effects of the wins are barely beginning to be felt yet. They will be magnified like an explosion, come 2007. It will not be a totally smooth road. Some Dems will need to have their feet held to the fire. That should happen fast and tough. Dems who sell out Populist, progressive values and issues should get clear messages that they're on probation.
After writing this he then went fishing.

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