Tuesday, November 28, 2006

UPDATE - Peace Sign in Christmas Display - Satanic or Anti-Bush?

A story about a stupid homeowner's association and it's freaky President. After recieving some complaints about a home that had put up a Christmas display that included a wreath in the shape of a peace symbol the President of the home owners association referred it to the control committee. After the committee saw nothing wrong with the display he fired all five members and sent the resident a cease and desist order and threatens a $25 a day fine. Bob Kearns, president of the Loma Linda Homeowners Association in Pagosa Springs is a real character - also calling the peace symbol a sign of Satan. Bob Kearns also said Wednesday that he had required another resident to remove peace symbols a week before, and that property owner complied.

"I just wanted to put a message of peace out there," said Lisa Jensen, who hung the wreath Nov. 19. She said Wednesday she didn't intend the wreath as a statement against the Iraq war.

"I was really trying to be in favor of something - peace," Jensen said.
More here - which also indicates the board is not enforcing the restriction they have cited in numerous other instances.

UPDATE: The President of the homeowner's association surenders to peace. Peace wreath can stay. Spreading bad publicity forced him to get an unlisted number. Offers poured in to Lisa Jensen to pay the fines. Kearns and two board members who supported him resign. Residents in town held a march and stamped out a giant peace symbol in the snow in the soccer field.

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