Friday, November 17, 2006

Latest Outrages

White House - medical drugs are so cheap the government should not negotiate for lower prices.

Fox News's 'so-called liberal' commentator calls Pelosi "the Wicked Witch of the West."

Laura Ingraham's voter fraud hotline phone jamming scheme not a worry to Justice Department.

Public still being prepped for war with Iran. Ambassador concurs - Bush not afraid of the war. Bush, Olmert turn up heat on Iran. Four U.S. carriers currently off of Iran, Enterprise has not left to return.

Triple Cross - Ali Abdel Saoud Mohamed, Osama bin Laden’s most trusted security adviser, who infiltrated the U.S. Army Special Forces and served as an FBI informant—all the while overseeing some of the most infamous Al Qaeda terror strikes of the last decade.

The Buck stops at the Bush - CIA says Bush authorized terrorist detention and interrogation practices. Senate seeks documents.

Iraq Study Group a/k/a Baker Commission Outlines Four Point "Victory Strategy";
Will Likely Call for More Troops

More rumors of Bush drinking.

There were many more including new Bush appointments and several instances of GOP Senate hypocrisy but it is the holidays and I'll try to lighten up.

THIS WAS POST 13,000 on this blog.

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