Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Dennis Prager - Bigoted Ignorant Tool

Dennis Prager shows he knows nothing of the Constitution or history when he writes a Muslim must take the oath of office on a Bible. I'll let Carpetbagger speak for me:
Prager's commentary is wrong, sloppy, dishonest, bigoted, and embarrassing. And yet, some right-wing groups, including the Eagle Forum, were so impressed with it, they sent it to their membership via email yesterday.
Of course, Stop the ACLU doesn't know its history or the Constitution either while disagreeing mildly with Prager.

Nearly all of the right-wing bloggers also went hysterical on this story of the 6 Imams removed from a plane. Note that it is from the right propaganda paper the Washington (Moonie) Times. It has no statements from anyone on the record and is all wild hysteria and speculation. That was perfect for the xenophobe bigot blogs.

The truth is the Imams were religious leaders. They prayed as their religion requires them to do. Hysterical passengers overreacted. The Imams went to their preassigned seats on their tickets. They asked one passenger if they could switch seats because one of the Imams was blind. Two of the Imams were fat so they asked for seat belt extenders which the steward agreed and gave them. During the long, long wait the head Imam went to talk to the others. After their release from being hand-cuffed and after over five hours of interrogation, US Airways denied them passage on any of its other flights and refused to help them obtain tickets through another airline. Amy Goodman had the real story.

I hope they sue US Airways for a few million.

Bigoted, ignorant scared-to-death fools - the Republican Party base now. Bigoted, ignorant tools - the Republican Party spokesmen now. Stupid airlines going bankrupt - the price for ignorance and hysteria now.

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