Monday, November 27, 2006

War Plan Green - Prelude to Iraq 80 years ago

Floyd Rudmin: Secret War Plans and the Malady of American Militarism. From 1919 through 1939 high level war plans were drawn up for America's next wars against her natural targets - the British Commonwealth and Mexico. War Plan Green, the Mexican War, is a blueprint for the Iraq War and occupation.
In both plans, the goal is to seize control of another nation's oil.

In both plans, there is a priority on protecting the oil production facilities from damage by the defending national forces.

In both plans, economic sanctions and blockade will weaken the nation prior to the U.S. invasion.

In both plans, Congressional authorization for war can be circumvented by presidential command and by twisting of words.

In both plans, propaganda will claim that the invasion is benevolent, intended to free the population from a bad government.

In both plans, the war is seen to be quick and easy to win, against a weakened national army defending an overly centralized government in the national capital.

In both plans, there is contempt for the military abilities and valor of the defending national forces.

In both plans, the U.S.A. imagines that it can make a new government in the conquered country that will serve U.S. interests.

In both plans, a national militia army will be hired in order to cheaply save American soldiers from being bogged down in a protracted guerrilla war.

In both plans, the conquered nation will pay the costs of this national militia.
The Red Plan against Canada and the United Kingdom was the most detailed and most advanced with three secret air bases constructed for a pre-emptive gas attack on Canada.

Why were these plans so advanced? Why was there no War Plan Black against Germany? Because American optional wars are fought for business strategic interests and no one wanted anything Germany had. The argument that these are simple contingency plans every War Department has ignores the Cabinet and higher level involvement these plans received and the construction of secret bases.

These detailed plans, now available from the Government Printing Office, unless Cheney has classified them again, also form the basis of a planned new movie documentary - Our War Against Canada. Director and writer Alex Cox:
"The war plans were to cripple potential economic rivals and to seize the natural resources of Mexico and Canada. Germany was viewed entirely as an ally by the US military, and thus, one assumes, by the American oligarchy: the Rockefellers, the Mellons, the Duponts - not to mention a very minor US oligarch named Prescott Bush, whose firms had extensive dealings with the Nazis, even after America had entered the war. The moral here is that a nation as powerful as the United States didn't - and doesn't - need allies. It has vassal states, instead. Step forward my own dear Britain!"

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