Thursday, November 23, 2006

Fractured Christmas Carol Number One

Lie and Die (tune - Let it snow)

Oh, the neocon's most were Marxists
Their followers now are heartsick.
For they spread their Iraqi War lies
Lie and die, my o my, stay and die.
They're showing no signs of stopping
As our brave soldiers they keep dropping
Chickenhawks in the bye
Lie and die, my o my, stay and die.

They lied us into Iraq
Who knew they were smoking crack?
They don't know how to leave
But Iran's next I believe.
One quagmire's not enough
When you don't have all the right stuff
Their brains are turned way down low
Lie and die, my of my, lets don't go.

When our troops finally do come home
They'll cut their benefits to the bone.
Those who support Bush/Cheney
Somehow lack a wienie.
They really keep on a dissing
While another war they're a wishing
Watch when they cry their next big lie
Lie and die, let them go and die, my oh my.

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