Monday, November 20, 2006

The Next War - Iran

Bush: I'd understand if Israel chose to attack Iran - Ha'aretz, Israel

Bush's Desire for a Conflict With Iran Is A Crisis Made in Israel - Scott Ridder

"We Must Bomb Iran" Force Is the Only Answer; Diplomacy Has Done Nothing to End Tehran's Nuclear Threat - Joshua Muravchik.l He a resident scholar at American Enterprise Institute and this is a LA Times OpEd.

"To negotiate successfully in the Middle East, you have to convince the denizens that you have and are willing to use power." - Another AEI paper by another 'scholar' rejecting calls for talking with Iran and Syria.

Add to this Seymour Hersh's Iran: The Next Act I previously linked to and it is clear Bush is determined to act and the propaganda groundwork continues to play out for the next war.

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