Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Peak Oil, the debunking that isn't

Looking at the CERA report conservatives are touting as debunking the Peak Oil crisis theory shows that it actually supports peak oil but just moves the crisis back a couple decades from 2010 to 2030. This is a best case scenario that says oil production will reach a maximum in less than 25 years and alternative fuels need to be found now. Environmentalists need more such debunkings.

Environmentalists did not get it recently on a reported global climate change debunking with this latest news article claiming it is a conspiracy. That article is simply bad and unscientific and contradictory. This debunking didn't support or debunk climate change - it was just garbage from a non-scientist.


Anonymous said...

Bob asks, why is this of concern to you such that you felt a need to comment on it? I'm fairly well web news read, and though I admit the climate thing isn't of prime interest to me, I've seen nothing of this anywhere mentioned. Au contraire, it would seem from the coverage on the MSM that the fix is in on global warming as having been accepted as established fact by the "intelligentsia" elites who manipulate the masses with the propaganda machine; it's taught as fact in the public schools just as is evolution, atheism, etc. Indeed from what I've seen there is no debate about global warming except about how best to profit from it. Soon it will be the "in" thing with the rich white soccer moms to tote their drooling darlings about in their oversized hybrid Lexus SUV and this weekend I heard a builders add touting the environmental advantages of buying the EnergyStar mcMansion.
This doesn't appear to be an issue anymore.

Gary said...

You might tell this to the GOP Senators.

Gary said...

Here is how the right wing blogs reported the peak oil false debunking: