Friday, November 24, 2006

Iraq - Chaos and Civil War

After Republicans telling us for weeks the upsurge in violence was only a ploy to influence the American elections, in the last several days Iraq violence has spiraled out of control.
233 Dead in Civil War Carnage
Health Ministry Besieged
3,000 Widows Created Each Month

The footage from Sadr City on Aljazeera looked like the seventh level of hell, with vehicles burning, the air thick with smoke, and mortar shells and small arms fire boiling in the background.
The Prime Minister of Iraq's largest coalition partner has threaten to withdraw support if he meets with Bush next week.

I believe that Cheney may have accidentally been right five months ago when he said the Iraq War was "in it's last throes." What are the odds now that we will have to start evacuating the Green Zone from the roofs of buildings?

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