Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Cinton Did Not Do It Too and tales of partisan justice

What a bunch of bozos on the radio yesterday and today. There is a big difference when a new president comes in and replaces all the attorneys and these firings. Every President puts his own attorneys in. In this case Bush decided to fire some of his attorneys, all Republicans he had earlier appointed. It is clear the reasons were some were going after GOP office holders and some weren't prosecuting Democrats aggressively enough. As it is, only 18% of the cases filed by the Justice Department under the Bush administration were against Republican office holders. About 80% were against Democrats. I seriously doubt Democrats are 4 times as corrupt as Republicans. (Some dispute this study.) They were trying to turn the Justice Department even more into an arm of the Republican Party. Slate:
In the previous quarter-century, according to the Congressional Research Service, no more than five and perhaps only two U.S. attorneys, out of 486 appointed by a president and confirmed by the Senate, have been similarly forced out—in the middle of a presidential term for reasons not related to misconduct.
ADDED - Another instance of the partisan D of J - is a member of the Justice Department a probable felon for being involved in suppressing votes based on race? (The comments section on that article attracts trolls and is full of name calling.)

Harriet Miers, deeply involved in drawing up the list of those to be fired, has a history of firing people for her pal Bush.

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