Sunday, March 25, 2007

DoJ and Tom DeLay and Others - Still Corrupt

In addition to the very partisan Republican attorneys that were just installed at the Department of Justice, there are some holdovers including one that may be shielding Tom DeLay.

Alice Fisher, a partisan Republican with no law experience, was promoted to Chief of the Public Integrity Unit of the U.S. Justice Department. Since Fisher’s appointment, the federal investigation into Tom DeLay’s improper activities with Jack Abramoff and other convicted felons has stalled. Meanwhile, DeLay appears as though he is not worried about new federal charges and is working to reclaim the conservative spotlight. Lone Star Project shows Fisher's ties to the Bush-Cheney Federalist branch of the GOP and a number of cases where further indictments were expected but have gone quiet. Lone Star Project also has a number of reports on recent activities not serving the people of Texas by Governor Perry and State Attorney Greg Abbott.

Over in People's Republic territory they are enjoying Tom DeLay's pitiful bleatings a bit too much. Only radical conservatives are still supporting Tom DeLay. When he was just appointed to the American Conservative Union board four very conservative mebers resigned.

Susan of kiss my blue butt fame is more optimistic about the DoJ and spots two signs that more indictments may be coming. She also first directed me to Lone Star Project after I have been avoiding Texas politics as too depressing. At least there are fights going on in the DC.

Coby spots an incredible story of the other worthless evil lying scumbag Bob Perry abusing the elderly and ignoring the homebuilder arbitration commission he set up and stacked the deck in his favor with and going to the friends he has on the Supreme Court to avoid judgement on his actions. Will Perry's almost $350,000 he has funneled to the Supreme Court Justices in the last election save him the over one million dollars he owes an elderly couple for their shoddy home?

Tom DeLay and Bob Perry make me long for the days of old-fashioned tar-and-feathering.

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