Monday, March 12, 2007

New Jim links

Full Disclosure reduces corruption. Unions have pretty transparent finances while Montana appears to be the first state to require corporations to disclose their taxes. One reason Enron and other corporations can perpetuate such large-scale scams on the public is that they don't have to file public tax disclosures. The profits they report to shareholders is vastly different from what they report to the IRS.

The non-fiction Blackwater: The Rise of the World's Most Powerful Mercenary Army seems related to the science fiction Janissaries.

Another story of Compassionate Conservatives providing no help for the less fortunate. More on the anguish of loved ones.

Mmmm, waffles and Waffle House. (EL - I almost tried a Jimmy Dean's frozen breakfast bowl today. HEB had a giveaway where you tried that and you got a free package of frozen waffles. Instead I was a bad boy and had 2 cinnamon buns, tamales, V-8 Splash and iced green tea. Regular V-8 Splash replaces some of the corn syrup with Splenda for fewer calories, diet V-8 Splash replaces all the corn syrup.)

Some of the new mobile phones are designed by idiots.

Government wiretaps accidentally given to victims may prove costly.

Privacy - Smivacy, Bush appointed board approving all of the administration wiretap measures. This came before the FBI was caught eavesdropping and gathering information on thousands of Americans without following protocols.

Mmmm, Meeeat. Love that black drive-in BBQ - YouTube of old ad. Also Cheese.

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