Monday, March 12, 2007

Is Neo-Liberalism dying? Update!

If Hillary does not get the 2008 Democratic nomination you will know that the neo-liberals and the DLC have lost. As Booman writes:
The question that needs asking is: how in the hell did people like Michael Kinsley, Andrew Sullivan, Marty Peretz, Michael Kelly, and Peter Beinart come to define the left, and how the hell can we get them to go away and never presume to speak for us again?

Brooks' eulogy is premature. Neoliberalism is far from dead. When we see Hillary Clinton fail to capture the Democratic nomination, we'll know that Brooks is right [link to freed NYT Select]. Until then...keep fighting.
I don't know, David Brooks is almost never right. The neo-liberal camp attracted all the corporate and millionaire money which corrupted it and made it want more pro-business money leading to the 80's and 90's Republican-Lite Democrats. As the GOP went far-right the Democrats went pro-business but maintained liberal views on selected social issues. The activist Democrats now are less fervent on social issues except for equality and fairness but in alarm over growing corporate and government powers.

More on the problem with neo-liberal ideas on foreign policies in this WP editorial.

Update: This discussion is making the rounds. Matthew Yglesias, Ezra Klein, Ben Adler, TNR, The Moderate Voice, Kevin Drum - who was mentioned in the original Brook's column. Steve Benen has a good summary.

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