Monday, March 19, 2007

Looking Back

In looking back at my archives from four years ago, I find I wrote this on March 5:
I have been listening to many high officials today speak in favor of this war. Within a minute each will say something which is not true or is misleading.

Iraq has complied with UN weapons inspections and no evidence has ever been presented that Iraq has produced any weapon's of mass destruction since the Gulf War. I can point to three major UN weapon's inspectors and three high ranking Iraqi defectors that back that up - there are no known WMD's, there is no support for terrorists aimed at the United States, Iraq poses no threat to the region, let alone the United States.
Despite some grammatical errors I was absolutely right. I think before we listen to anyone now we should see what they were saying then.

See also my post from exactly four years ago on the business manager as president.

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rjnagle said...

How very interesting. Although I was just as irate as you were in 2002, I really didn't start blogging liberal stuff until the middle of 2003 or late 2003. (for a while I was blogging at a group political blog until I grew tired of it). During 2002, I didn't feel comfortable being openly liberal on my blog--I worked at a houston company that was very conservative. And I needed that job bad.