Thursday, March 15, 2007

Conservatives voice support for Al Qaeda plots

If we had a liberal media maybe this would get the attention instead of stories about "angry liberals" with foul mouths.
Not a single LGF commenter in that discussion condemned this support for Al Qaeda's assassination plot, nor has a single right-wing blogger (that I'm aware of) said a single word about any of it. It's irrelevant whether one agrees with the standards used to pump up the HuffPost/Cheney comments story into a major national press "scandal" (as I said at the time, I don't agree with those standards). But those are the standards that have been embraced, and they ought to be applied consistently.

As indicated, there are multiple reasons why these LGF comments are far more significant than the HuffPost comments. Yet why is it that it seems like a very bad idea to hold one's breath waiting for all the media outrage stories over how one of the largest right-wing blog communities is expressing support for Al Qaeda assassination plots against a former American President?
ADDED because some people can't read:
Johnson is apparently embarrassed by this post because he has now re-directed all of the LGF links that come from here away from his blog, thus requiring that all the LGF links be re-directed through Google. While he found the time to do that, though, he has still not deleted the posts from his regular users expressing support for Al Qaeda plots to murder Jimmy Carter.


GotDesign said...

You have not heard any condemnation of these assassination plots because they are over 4 years old and were never carried out. It should taken as given that anyone would condemn such activities. And, absence of active commendation cannot be taken for implicit support. How much did you protest when it was revealed that there had been an al-Qaeda plot to assassinate former President George H.W. Bush?

Gary said...

Little Green Footballers were not ignoring the plots, they were repeatly stating their wish Al Qaeda had gone ahead and killed a President.