Monday, March 26, 2007

Hillary in 5th Place Among DFA Democrats

I doubt that any media or blog with thousands of readers will cover this so I will. Democracy for America, the grassroots Democratic organization for supporting fiscally responsible and socially progressive candidates, had a presidential preference poll: Poll results:

Barack Obama 28.1%
John Edwards 24.6%
Other 12.4%
Dennis Kucinich 10.3%
Hillary Clinton 8.7%
Bill Richardson 7.6%
Undecided 4.9%
Joseph Biden 1.9%
Christopher Dodd 0.5%
Mike Gravel 0.3%

Most of the Other was for Howard Dean and Al Gore. Even DFA buried Hillary Clinton's performance on the second page and eight paragraphs down in their announcement of the results. Grassroots Democrats don't trust her. She is the candidate of business Republicans and Democrats and DC insiders and moderate Democratic office-holders. Like Lieberman was in 2004 she will be the "emergency Republican" candidate for 2008.

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