Monday, March 26, 2007

National Review Predicts War With Iran Soon

Whatever happens in the Council next, the next chapter in this story will play out on the waters of the Persian Gulf. Events in the Gulf so far this week:
  • French aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle joins American battle-groups for exercises in the Arabian Sea.

  • Ali Khamenei hints that Iran will abandon the nuclear nonproliferation treaty.

  • Iranian navy conducts live-fire exercises in close proximity to American naval forces patrolling the Gulf.

  • Iranian Revolutionary Guards seize fifteen British sailors supposedly on patrol in Iraqi waters, but nearby British warship does not interdict the RG raid, suggesting strongly that the Brits were not in Iraqi waters.
Link from Greenwald. National Review's blog is closely following Iranian stories and throws out an April 9th date, but they expect something by Iran.

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Anonymous said...

Another lost cause of enormous cost, both social and economic which will result in a protracted, failed occupation, dislocation of millions of whom many will end up right here and in Europe, where, as we've seen in France, they'll breed a generation ready to instigate the conflagration in the U.S. and France.

With leadership this insightful, who needs enemies.