Friday, March 23, 2007

House approves deadline for war pullout, Sets up game of chicken

Nancy Pelosi's gamble paid off - House votes for troops out by September 2008. Bush threatens veto.

What next?

This sets up a game of chicken with the GOP and Bush. They will try to stop a supplemental bill with a troop withdrawal attached. The problem for the administration and the GOP is if they are unable to pass a bill there is no money for the troops in Iraq. The Democrats hold the commanding position as it is those wanting the troops to remain who need more money. On the other hand, the game of chicken is usually won by the driver who is more insane. In that case Bush and the GOP wins hands down. They are willing to wreck the military, wreck everything else, to get their way.

Greenwald: The WP gets it wrong on Iraq bills again.

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