Saturday, March 17, 2007

The Decline of Headline News and other news

Glen Beck, the conservative bozo added to CNN's Headline News and Good Morning America, said: "You know Khalid Shaikh Mohammed has confessed to 9-11 and trying to kill President Carter. Why would you try to kill President Carter? He's on your side, for the love of Pete."

Since when is accusing a former President of being on the side of terrorists acceptable on the SCLM? Does that mean we will get reports on how Bush and Cheney aid terrorists on the mass media?

If the So-Called-Liberal Media would get away from their cocktail party GOP friends and read the blogs for awhile they will see the dirty hippies have been right - following their lead will break a lot of stories for some enterprising reporters. The people driving policy in the Bush administration have a history of not being right about anything. Some reporters should just read Hullabaloo.

There are only a very very small group of people with college degrees who worship Bush. Finding them must be a full-time job. Here they found a group of these Bush worshippers to impart more wisdom to him. Isn't that a contradiction in terms, Bush worshippers and wisdom?
We have long known that Bush Is Churchill (along with all the chest-besting neoconservatives who cheer on wars), but now we learn (from Bush) that he has become convinced that he is stronger than Churchill because Bush "has God" and Churchill didn't
. Greenwald on the Department of Justice:
If the President proclaims the right to break a law, and the DOJ refuses to say it will obey that law when asked directly, and it is then revealed that that very law has been broken -- repeatedly and in quite dangerous ways -- aren't those facts rather vital to understanding what happened here?
1) Lying to Congress is a crime, even if you're not under oath. 2) Alberto Gonzales lies repeatedly to Congress. 3) QED ???

Even the conservatives suggest Gonzales should go and are mad at the White House for letting a mountain be made out of a molehill. Way to support the rule of law Captain Kirklite.

Media Matters on the Washington Post's, and other media's, hypocrisy.

AP as GOP propaganda arm; Plame sheds little light. Meanwhile, the really deranged are claiming Wilson outed his own wife. David Corn was right all along.

Joe Conason: Should people be wise to the GOP blame Clinton dodge by now?

Richard Morrison: Introducing the Man Who Will Beat John Cornyn, not me. Rick Noriega has an impressive resume and a lot of friends.

Sunday Morning political talk has been tilted toward the GOP and conservatives for years. This Week may have noticed November's power shift, not the others.

The dusted off Straight Talk Express is already out of steam and going off the rails. McCain's twelve second pause while trying to recall his latest position is a derailment. He couldn't think of his position and couldn't find a way to support the conservative position on condoms without sounding like an idiot so dead air.

LATimes gets it right: Blogs can top the presses. TPM and his Muckrakers owns the attorney firings story by good old fashioned journalism. The press is still playing catch up because their sources, the GOP leadership, is wrong on the issues. FireDogLake owned the Libby trial. They are what reporters used to be.

I include this Newsweek Poll because figures on TV, including many reporters, keep getting it wrong:
Q5. In general, do you favor or oppose President Bush’s decision earlier this year to increase the level of U.S. troops in Iraq?

Favor: 32%
Oppose: 64%
Don't Know: 4%

Q6. Do you favor or oppose Congressional legislation that would require the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq by the fall of 2008?

Favor: 59%
Oppose: 34%
Don't Know: 7%
For four years support for this fiasco has been declining and now opposition to our occupation is similar to American opposition to staying in Vietnam.

Top Bush Official Reveals White House Never Investigated Plame Leak vs Bush: “If there is a leak out of my administration, I want to know who it is.“

Iraq, economic colony of Iran - NYT.

Cheney was responsible for the US intelligence used on Iraq and waged a campaign to destroy the CIA. Radical leftists? No a fully documented report on PBS - Frontline "The Dark Side." This report was last summer, how far has this knowledge spread?

There is now a climate change in DC. Cold days in Hell for Bush and the GOP.
Republicans are fretting, and Democrats are fantasizing, about what the debacle foretells for the next year and half.

"We've only had subpoena power for the last six weeks and every tree that we've barked up so far has had a cat in it," said a senior Democrat who spoke on condition of anonymity because he is not authorized to speak publicly. "Imagine where we'll be after six months."

Gonzales, who a week earlier had brushed off the brouhaha over the prosecutors as "an overblown personnel matter," was making the rounds of network and cable news shows in an effort to save his job.

Sen. John Sununu became the first GOP senator to call on Gonzales to resign Wednesday afternoon.
Latest Scare the Yokels Campaign

Homeland Security WARNS! of terrorists driving school buses but admits "the government has no credible information to suggest terrorists are "involved in buying school buses or seeking licenses to drive them.... no indication of any immediate threat to the country."

Andrew: Will Rumsfeld forever escape the ghosts of Abu Ghraib? Will Yoo? Is Cheney impeachable?

The lemming experience.

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