Saturday, March 24, 2007

Even righties believe Gonzales was lying

Captain's Quarters: Did Gonzales Lie About His Involvement?

With a few digs about liberal blogs Captain Kirklite admits Gonzales is lying or incompetent and should go.
Gonzales' dismissal/resignation would not do any more damage to Republicans than has already occurred. If we have to defend incompetents and/or deceivers as critical to the Republican cause, then be prepared for a disastrous 2008. Offering Clintonian word-parsing as a defense does nothing to help the cause of conservatism.
TPM: The White House knew the Justice Department was lying. DoJ liason to White House resigns.

MM: DC a town full of worthless memories in the administration and the press.
A president who just three weeks ago saw one of his top aides convicted of perjury and making false statements to investigators now refuses to allow other aides to testify under oath. And apparently nobody in the White House press corps thinks to ask Tony Snow if that's because Bush is afraid of another of his aides committing perjury -- or whether his refusal to allow a transcript is because he's afraid of them getting caught.
John Dean: This case illustrates the authoritarianism of Bush and Cheney with their defense of strong executive powers. More on the crazy GOP team players undermining separation of powers.

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