Thursday, October 30, 2008

President Obama - 30 minute video wows

I had to take the legal class to be an election judge so I missed seeing this live but it was terrific when I did see it.

Classy, professional, with no smears of John McCain and the dirty Republican campaign they are waging against him these last days.

All my discussions with people who are supporting McCain now revolve around false information and them referring to sites to the right of the Minutemen. This is a FEAR! campaign on its last legs.

He followed his 30 minute spot with Florida rallies and then an interview with Jon Stewart.

Watching McCain the grumpy old man and his spokesmen trying to combat this was an interesting contrast. Reagan and others knew that the most optimistic candidate wins, should someone tell McCain? I am more worried that the increasingly outlandish conspiracy theories the conservatives are weaving means we are going to face 8 years of the old irrational Clinton hatred transferred to Obama-Biden.

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