Wednesday, November 01, 2006

DNCC Sends out mailer for GOP Candidate in CD-22

This is going to create some controversy. With several Republicans running as write-in candidates the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee figures they can split the anti-Lampson vote if they help the underfunded candidates with their message. This is a winner-take-all election and Lampson just needs the most votes.

I can hear the wailing and gnashing of teeth and the posting of illiterate implied threats from Lone Star Times when they find out about this. Of course, when Republicans do similar things, help Green candidates get on the ballot and fund their campaigns, it is good clean fun.

What brought this on was a recent poll showing almost as people planning to write-in a candidate as vote for Lampson. Didn't benefit Sekky-Something that much it was still 36% to 28% in Lampson's favor but that was enough for the DNCC to notice.

UPDATE: A closer look at the ad reveals it was an attack ad on Don Richardson for being too conservative. It was not a fake endorsement. Kristen Mack and the local GOP disagree. It was also clear who sent the ad. agrees:
"There's no deception in the DCCC mailing in Texas, while the Pennsylvaina mailer falsely claims to be from a 'progressive' organization," he told me. "The Pennsylvania mailing deceives voters about the motives of the sender," while "the Texas mailing. . . is up front about coming from Democrats."

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