Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Election Results


Texas State Election Results

National and state election returns and exit polls

Victory is ours! Around 30 Dem gains in House, Dems gain 4 of 6 Senate seats needed for control, lead in other two. Expect recounts.

I'm tired and partied and worked out, I'll let Kuff speak for me.

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Gary said...

The Lampson race was really a squeeker despite the over 10 point lead by Lampson over the GOP opponent. If Lampson was held to under 50% there would have been a runoff, this time with the Republican on the ballot. Polls indicate that in a straight-up race Sekula-Gibbs had about a 10 point lead. DeLay screwed up the ballot by his late withdrawal so she had to run as a write-in. Lampson now has two years to convince the district he would be better than a Republican replacement. I know he is much better, but this is DeLay territory.