Wednesday, November 01, 2006

GOP Congress Set To Take Away Free Speech Against Animal Enterprises

The Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act (AETA) S. 3880 / H.R. 4239 will set penalties (jail time and fines) for any action that can be linked to a loss of profit to any company classified as an "animal enterprise". An "animal enterprise" would include anyone who produces or distributes animals or products from animals, animal entertainment - including rodeos, circuses, zoos or aquariums, research facilities, pet stores and even animal fighting. This means that legal activities such as peaceful protests, consumer boycotts, media campaigns legislative proposals, or even telling the public what happens in puppy mills, factory farms, or canned hunting facilities, could be classified as acts of terrorism.
Amy sent this. You can take action against it here. Or call or write your Congressman or speak to him on the campaign trial. Something like: "Hi, my name is ____, and I live at _________. I am calling to urge Representative _______ to strongly oppose HR 4239, "The Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act." This legislation seeks to criminalize the most basic and protected elements of free speech. This is unconstitutional and unAmerican. Does he value dollars from corporations higher than the right of free speech?"

I just love that linking terrorism in there. That is how you persuade people to give away their freedom, by making them afraid.

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Sharon said...

Sonofabitch! Even at my age, I am still amazed at the depths some people will sink to, to make money.

Going to link to this on my site.