Saturday, November 04, 2006

Republican Pasadena Fish Fry Clogs Sewer Line

Down at Bay Area Park, Republican State Representative John Davis had a campaign fish fry. It didn't attract many people, around 30, but got lots of attention later. You see, they decided to dispose of the fish fry grease by dumping it down the toilet. All umpteen gallons of it.

This clogged up the sewer line lift station near there and took some time to fix and eventually trace back to the fish fry.

Now everyone knows that John Davis doesn't believe in environmental regulation, we didn't know we would be given evidence that when given the chance he would be a major polluter.

Of course, anyone with any sense also knows it is illegal to dispose of buckets of grease that way. There are even public service announcements on TV about this. It is not clear if it was the caterers from Sudie's Catfish Kitchen, whose food is usually pretty good but a bit expensive for the quality except at lunch, who did the dumping or someone else from the event.

Here is the video from 26 News. Here are other local bloggers on this - Musings and John at BAND.

Was Pasadena Mayor Manlove at the fish fry? Did he order anyone to be charged with the crime?

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Perry Dorrell, aka PDiddie said...

Barely on topic: It remains difficult for me to understand how a Republican named Manlove ever got elected to anything in Pasadena.