Monday, November 13, 2006

THIS is what Texas Dem infrastructure problems look like

Some odd things about this story of obsolete phone lists. Austin is supposed to be the one bright spot for the Texas Democratic Party organization. If this is the Austin area phone lists what does the rest of the state look like?

There were two separate online phone banking operations going on that consolidated phone outreach and allowed updates to the database as people called the phone numbers. The VAN and Bell lists had their own problems but nothing as out-of-date and antiquated as what she relates. So why was the Courage campaign not using them in this case?

A large part of the Democratic Texas state convention was taken up by the race for the state chair. The choices were a nice but old-fashioned good ol' boy and an Austin gay who wanted to improve the party infrastructure. The good ol' boy narrowly won after Chris Bell endorsed him and some Border area machine counties went for him. A lot of the opposition was that having a gay state chair would be bad for the party, ignoring the closeted gays in the GOP state and national parties.

Reading down the comments this might have been a problem with just this campaign in a newly created changed district. Austin had a pretty good system thanks to Glenn Maxey and a lot of others.

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