Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Who's responsible for the Democratic gains?

Kos: Going down the list, the only Democrats out of 28 officially confirmed victories that could be called "conservative" are Shuler in NC-08, Lampson in TX-22, and the three Indiana Dems,

FDL: A victory for liberals, not Rahm Emanuel.

TNR: A victory for Democratic bloggers, not Rahm Emanuel.

A victory for Ford in losing.

A huge victory for Howard Dean.

Tom DeLay: Republicans got a ‘Texas whooping’

Democratic gains in state legislatures - victory from the roots. You always wonder if these roots are grass or oak trees. A Democratic Tsunami at the local level by the Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee.

WP: "Corruption proved to be a more potent issue than it had appeared even weeks ago," election a repudiation of Bush, the war and the right.

Karl Rove's "disciplined and well-financed campaigns to drive away voters."

51% Mandate Bush says this election was so close the Democrats must be bipartisan. Bush announces Rumsfeld resignation, says he lied when he said last week he would keep him on. (Waiting for press conference to be posted. OK, Greenwald has the best take - identical to mine)

Greenwald: The Democrats who won have one thing in common -- aggressive and unapologetic opposition to what the Republicans have become.

"The only Republicans who lost were too moderate or involved in scandal - this is a victory for a more conservative Republicanism." Latest crazy meme from the right.

Will post these Updates here: Hastert to step down as GOP leader, Democrats take Montana Senate seat. Allen won't concede, he had denounced Gore for not conceding in 2000.

This was a lot of links - maybe I should just point to Howard Dean and the vindication of his 50-state grass roots strategy.

TPM - don't count on Virginia any time soon - see Karl Rove's history. But If it stays at 7,000 votes or so it may be too big a margin for a long GOP court battle and the GOP may not want all their election dirty tricks hanging in the media for months.

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