Monday, March 05, 2007

From Texas cell, Canadian, 9, pleads for help

A husband and wife fled to Canada to avoid persecution in Iran. In the long process of determining status a son was born. After 9/11, Canada denied refugee status and deported them back to Iran. Iran was as bad as they feared. The husband was jailed, beaten and tortured. They were freed and the family paid $40,000 to be smuggled to Canada. Someone on their chartered plane had a medical emergency and the plane landed on US soil and into the hands of INS officials. For the last four weeks the family has lived in a detainee camp, a converted prison in Texas. We are not showing them much of our famous Texas hospitality.

This story of working in Pakistan is by the UN official deported from the US because of passport troubles which Jim brought us.

Jim is now not surprised at another White House lie. Why did they lie about who banned people from Bush photo-ops? I bet habit, they lie so much they have to pause and think about telling the truth.

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