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Obscene Comments on the Right

The Right has been having the vapors over the Left blogs allowing unseemly language. Most of the Right blogs don't even allow comments because they know the type of foul mouthed crowd that wants their opinions. You can get the flavor of the big-name right bloggers, not the commenters, in the emails they sent to critics. My Heavens!

But what is really obscene on the Right is the ideas expressed, not the language. Let us go to a neutral corner and observe the opinions expressed about a mother whose son had died because of lack of insurance and access to health care. The article clearly stated the mother had lost her husband and had worked three jobs, none providing insurance, that she had just lost Medicaid and had two sons with dental problems.

For Want of a Dentist Comments:
This article starts off with the premise that a lack of insurance prevented his monther from taking him to a dentist. That is an absolutely false premise. Dentists dont require patients to have insurance they simply require them to pay for the services that are rendered. Where is the childs father? Why doesnt the mother have any income? Why does the mother even have children that she cant afford to take care of?
The boy did not die because of a lack of government programs. He died because he had an irresponsible, ignorant parent.
If the mother was that concerned, im sure she could have put her hands on $80.00, or she could have gone to 1 of many dental schools, they would hav ebeen glad to pull the boys tooth, or teeth, just a lack of education,parenting,and really caring is the reason here. i see she got him into a hospital for over $250,000.00 dollars in medical bills, and she couldnt get him to a dentist for a toot extraction??? come on, i do blame the mother here. If she would have taken him to PG hospital with the tooth ache they would have done something for the boy, so i still have to blame the mother, and father if he could be found, hes probably in pg county jail, or jessup, or maybe even in dc jail, but one of them, im sure.
Federal Government must provide free medical care, free dental care, free legal services, free food, and free funeral services for all citizens. Oh grills for those who think they look good.
The mother is at fault. How could she not scrounge up $80? Shes either an idiot or didnt care about her child. She could have taken him to a free clinic or appealed to the charity of a local church. It was her responsibility to take care of her child and she blew it.
GRAP, if she put forth the effort for one son, why didnt she do the same for the one that died????.... so i still blame the usless mother, and father, but who know where he is, more than likey in jail. and for that, she now ows over $250,000.00 dollars which she will never pay, it will just come out of our tax dollars or off from the insurance payments of people that have insurance, did you know that 37 percent of the Hospital bill paid by my insurance for my claims, goes toward the mounting bills of people that are taken care of in hospitals that dont have insurance, so i think it time to get rid of the illegals, because they are taking benefits away from the blacks, not a sermon, just a thought
None of my family ever had 5 kids, knowing that they would have to survive on welfare assistance. If you lack a good education enough to land a decent job, you do not screw like a rabbit until you end up with 5 kids. The government does need to do something. They need to come up with some plan to prevent ignorant uneducated people that need to leech off government assistance all their lives from having babies! Sorry I stayed in school, got a job, worked hard, and pay bills. Sorry because of this, I cannot relate to this loser*s life and situation. So if your poor, uneducated, and a minority, you are allowed to neglect your kids? Our points we made over and over, is that she lost her medicade in the last year. That kid could have been treated before that, and he could have brushed his teeth over the years!
well how about blaming mom, or dad. do they own a car? a pair of air jordans, or what ever shoe is the hot ticket today. do they go to a show or engage in other entertainment? its not the job of the government to provide everything for everyone. and why did she have medicade in the first place and what did she do to lose it? and why didnt she realize her son had a tooth problem? and from the picture mom looks pretty well fed. its the mothers fault. even if she did have insurance it appears it would not have helped, mom was not paying enough attention to do anyting anyway. and her inaction cost the taxpayers one quarter of a million dollars to try to fix.
Too few of the responses were like this:
deamonte was in my class.He was a great kid and when I heard that he had passed away I broke down in tears. I know that he is happy and looking down on us.I just want you to know that i love and foundation school loves you. K.R.R.
Tbogg started this story. JG finds what is truly the concern of the Right.

BTW, I get complaints I spend way too much time on national politics. That is because I feel Texas is simply a reflection of what is going on nationally. This tale of a kid dying because of lack of health care and delays of getting aid could be from Texas but we lack better reporters.

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