Friday, March 02, 2007

Two of the more interesting SCLM Wiseass Pundits now love Gore

The Daily Howler catches both Maureen Dowd and Richard Cohen praising Al Gore but covering up their attacks on him before and after the 2000 campaign. Only the WP's cartoonist Tom Toles gets it right, after making Gore the joke of the media for years, the joke is on the media.

Media Matters documents some of Maureen's older remarks to contrast with her current praise. I love Maureen Dowd, but she can be a foolish wiseass.

Meanwhile, the right still smears Al Gore and John Edwards for being rich. Wasn't the right once in favor of that? Is it only the right people they want to be rich?

Why is the SCLM praising Gore? Joe Conason: Perhaps to turn on him again.

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