Saturday, November 11, 2006

The Secret Team, Shadow Governments and the Octopus

Is the enemy of my enemy really my friend of the Left in America? Dr. Steven Mizrach makes an attempt at detangling real conspiracies from false. The groups that have provided some of the hard investigation evidence have other agendas you might not agree with. He also wrote more about what is called the Octopus and its machinations in the Ford, Reagan, and Bush administrations and wonders if the Clinton administration choose not to pursue some investigations for a reason.
Posting a theory does not mean you believe it is true. Caveat lector. This should go without saying, but I guess people believe that I believe everything here is "true". Among certain chic circles, this type of analysis is now called "power-structure" research. - Dr. Mizrach
No discussion of this type is complete without mentioning The Bohemian Grove and that link provides some real factual as opposed to conspiracy theory insight into that yearly secret beer blast.

Check into power-structure analysis and local governments being controlled by developers, another name for "land-based growth coalitions." This last link also discusses the agenda behind the "government reform movement" in local government. If you don't pay your city council members enough and have off-year non-partisan elections you benefit the developers.

Amazing how all my interests from who shot JFK to local politics and charter reform can be linked together.

Update - Why third parties don't work in America from a a power-structure analysis research perspective. Interesting that the last also brings in the Poole and Rosenthal studies of Congressional polarization and the existence of a one or two dimensional model of Congressional votes. They have a recent book linking polarized politics with income inequality and immigration.

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