Saturday, November 11, 2006

Taking a bow

Daily Kos. Thank you again.

The new wars - within the GOP: "For once, we'll see "Republicans divided" stories. Their disparate and often times mutually exclusive wings -- the neocons, theocons, corporate cons, and paleocons, not to mention their dejected libertarian wing -- were held together by successes fueled by Democratic machine incompetence."

The Dem credit war: Carville - STFU, and that goes to that idiot at the Nation too. Dean responds and 99% of the net roots agree. Ford would be a disaster and a loser as head of the DNC. Salon: Howard Dean, vindicated.

Also in Salon - Another poll worker story and BattleStar Galactica is fighting the Iraq War. Demonizing the Republican'ts.

Taking a big bow and peeing their pants - Comedy Central scooped the media on Rumsfeld's resignation.

Taking a big bow - Politicians Sweep Midterm Elections.

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