Friday, December 29, 2006

Blood in the Austin Water

OK, my few fans live for my political gossip from unnamed sources so sit down and enjoy.

Craddick is up the creek and now has Republican challengers swarming out of hiding seeking his job, or at least more power, in the new Texas house. This would not be happening unless there was a strong likelihood he doesn't have the votes to remain Speaker of the House. However, as a prime example of the corrupt take-no-prisoners GOP leadership, he is prepared to fight back and fight back dirty.

Maybe you should read Kuff to get up to speed.

Here is what Kuff isn't saying. The nastiness that looks about to break out comes in two forms - sex and illegality.

Craddick is the only one of our current GOP leaders who does not have rumors, and more than rumors, of being in the crowded GOP gay closet. He or his conservative backers have threatened to out two or three, or more, of the GOP state representatives who are opposed to his bid to remain speaker. Now, not all of the anti-Craddick people are tolerant of the gays. Craddick's team are hoping that the conservative homophobes, like Rep. Talton, may come back to the fold if they can be convinced that the opposition to him is part of the "gay agenda." At the very least, having a public witch-hunt for gays and outing a few prominent GOP examples is not how most of the Republican party wants the new year to start. Besides, if it starts in the Texas House who knows how far it will spread?

The other element that may break out is that there is a lot of horse-trading and favors offered going on in the Speaker's race. Offering any inducement to vote for a Speaker is illegal. Amazing but true. Rumors are that offers were made in the presence of more than one person and that this may have been recorded. Oops. It is pretty amazing that Craddick, one of the leaders of arm twisting and payoffs for votes and breaking the law in regards to soliciting corporate contributions, will now try to go after opponents for payoffs for votes and breaking the law.

On the Democratic side I don't see it posted according to the Houston Chronicle Senfronia Thompson has bowed out and is supporting McCall, who clearly seems the best choice now. The only thing McCall has going against him for getting elected is that Democrats outnumber Republicans among his supporters at this time. Pitt has thrown his hat in the ring with a 50-50 bipartisan show of current supporters, unless he is just a stalking horse for Craddick who when it comes down to the wire will support him.

Pass the popcorn and send me more reports on the gay Republican hound dogs of Austin. Aahhhooo, going to listen to some Warren Zevon and take a nap now.

UPDATE: X-posted at Daily Kos, slightly different version for non-Texans. Kuff has noticed my expansion.

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