Saturday, December 16, 2006

"Rats" Gold to guest host on KPRC 950 in Houston, Dec 21 & 26

In a budget related move by troubled Clear Channel, KTRH 740 is set to compete with 700 KSEV for daytime fascism central for Houston for Christmas. Rush Limbaugh is moving permanently into 740 and sister station KPRC 950 is being sold and possibly going Latino.

This might be an improvement for Houston - KTRH has been declining as a respectable news source for some time and having them just join the Evil Empire's conservative airwave army in exchange for the Empire losing KPRC might be a fair trade. Just not as fair a trade as if the real nuts at AM 700 were the lone Imperial Outpost and AM 740 went to straight news or even picked up the advancing Rebel Force liberal cause of Ed Schultz live and added Thom Hartmann and Randi Rhodes and maybe others.

Sister station KPRC will be getting a shock jock compared to Savage guest hosting this holiday season.
"David Gold", a talk show fascist who has been fired from just about everywhere will be "guest hosting" on The Party's Ministry of Propaganda Official AM outlet, KPRC in Houston. This is the guy who loves to refer to the Democrats as "the rats" the same way Goebbels referred to the Jews in Nazi Germany in his radio broadcasts.

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