Monday, December 25, 2006

I can't be stopped, my contract runs another 2 years

Deborah Howell, the somewhat dense or somewhat biased Washington Post ombudsman, gloats that she has two years left on her contract no matter what readers and bloggers say. She also reveals that she thinks the Post should put in less news, people don't like to read those long articles. So not much of a problem with the layoffs.

She has never apologized for insinuating that Democrats were illegally on the take from Jack Abramoff as well as Republicans. She has never grasped that stating as fact things her newspaper reports as untrue are problems she should try to correct in herself and in the rest of the paper.

Over at Firedoglake, Christy wishes:
You know, I can't speak for every liberal in the blogosphere, but what I would honestly like is simply for reporters to be able to do their jobs properly: report the honest facts, not some "he said, she said" version of them that skews things toward a false sense of "balance" because the management is afraid of ticking someone off by being truthful. That reporters are allowed to dig into the difficult stories and really follow-up, rather than being asked to move on to the next "popular" story that might sell more papers or advertising time on the TV.
Daily Kos also dislikes her column.

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