Friday, December 22, 2006

Things that might get you fired at work

Two University of Texas at Arlington employees have filed a lawsuit protesting their dismissal on grounds of religious discrimination. The immediate cause of the two women's dismissal is their going into another women's cubical after work and praying over it and anointing the cubical with olive oil. They also claim age discrimination as a younger male colleague who joined their activities was not dismissed. Other unspecified incidents are cited and it is not known what reasons they gave for blessing and anointing the women's cubicle with olive oil.
CBN News spoke with the university's Director of Public Affairs, Robert Wright.

Wright issued this statement: "The university respects all our employees' rights, and we do not discriminate on the basis of religion."

While Wright said he could not discuss details of the case, he added, "We do not fire employees for just praying."

In another statement, the University of Texas at Arlington calls the women's accusations "a gross distortion of the truth" and says their dismissals were upheld by the Texas Workforce Commission and the Texas Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.
Comments here. This is somewhat similar to a hearing room of Congress and selected seats being prayed over and anointed with oil by some fundies earlier this year.

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The following website has summaries of approximately 150 lawsuits, formal complaints, etc filed by Jehovah's Witness EMPLOYEES, who claimed religious discrimination: