Sunday, December 31, 2006

Journalists who got Iraq right from the beginning

Paul Krugman was one of the few.
For this foresight, he was called "deranged" on the pages of a competing, national newspaper. He was called shrill, gnome-like, disgusting by right-wing bloggers. He was threatened with bodily harm in the landslide of hate mail driven by attacks from Bill O'Reilly and others. The National Review even instituted an on-line column dedicated to "debunking" Krugman's arguments.

If his status as Right Wing Target Number One is any indication, he clearly scared the crap out of Bush supporters.
The Atlantic Monhtly also had a very astute article asking if we really wanted a long term relationship with Iraq. The Atlantic editor was also right.

BTW - The long history of not taking the oath on the Bible in America.

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Ted McLaughlin said...

Just wanted to wish you a great new year in 2007!


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Anonymous said...

At the risk of seeming arrogant, I think there was near unanimity among scholars and intellectuals as early as 2002 that the rationale and the evidence for going to war was flimsy. It wasn't a matter of lack of criticism. The problem was nobody wanted to listen.

I attended a townhall meeting with congressman John Culberson right around the date of the bill authorizing the use of force against Iraq. Culberson said, "if you knew about all the top secret information I've been showed, you would vote the way I did. The evidence was chilling." Afterwards, I talked to him, and said that was a bogus rationale if I ever heard of one. He replied, "well it comes down to whether you trust the President." And I said, the constitutional founders wrote the constitution precisely because they didn't trust the executive branch.

What I should have said to Culberson, (and failed to) was: "read Daniel Patrick Moynihan's book 'Secrecy.'

Gary said...

I debated permitting the above comment by Tor Hershman as it is not germane to my post and is more self-promotion but what the Hell.