Friday, December 22, 2006

Ohio undervotes on Diebold machines similar to Florida house race

An examination of Ohio voting records shows that six counties had an undervote in the recent Senate race of over 11% up to 16.3%. All other counties had undervotes in that race of 0.62% to 6.76% with an average of 3.37%. All the counties with the large undervotes used Diebold machines. Other Diebold counties had an undervote of 3.47% in the Senate race.
Why did this occur? It seems highly likely that there was something wrong with the Diebold machines, at least a good portion of them in six Ohio counties, which caused the relatively high undervote rates. That could have been due to difficulties voters had in finding the Senate candidates on those Diebold machines, or it could have been due to failure of the machines to record the votes that the voters intended. Alternatively, it could have been due to the fact that 11 to 16% of voters in six Ohio counties decided not to vote for Senator – but that seems quite unlikely.

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