Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Democrats should trashcan electability and go for the best president

Things don't look good for the GOP in 2008. In order to secure the nomination McCain has taken stands that alienate Independents. With the odds in their favor Democratic primary voters should rethink their pattern of voting. After decades of always going for the most electable candidate, many of which proved a joke come November, shouldn't Democrats just vote for the best person?

It is odd to already speculate that what may happen could be that Edwards wins Iowa in a virtual tie with Obama, Obama narrowly wins Nevada, Clinton wins New Hampshire in a virtual three-way tie, Edwards wins South Carolina and on February 5 there could be five winners in the seven primaries - none getting over 35%. Wouldn't that create excitement?

ADDED: The seven states apparently holding primaries on 5 February 2008:

New Jersey
New Mexico
North Carolina

The 2008 election will continue the battle for the soul of the Democratic Party that started in 2003. The establishment is represented by Clinton and the Clintonistas and the DLC. The Clinton backer attacks on DNC head Dean, who isn't even running, are due to his being the figurehead for the non-DC anti-establishment players who oppose the insiders as being, until this year, best at losing elections. The MSM got a steady stream of stories from the Democratic establishment recently about how the election results were the work of the establishment and not Dean and not the grassroots and definitely not the populist and progressive elements of the party. This is all part of the war for control of the Party and the White House in 2008.

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